Students may begin this process with an Inner Visions educational consultant as early as 8th grade and as late as 12th grade and/or following high school graduation select from a menu of services that include:

Students receive coaching based on their needs and academic and professional interests.

Consultation may be performed face-to-face, by phone, by online conferencing, and via email. Most coaching sessions use a mix of all these communication methods to meet the students where they are.


Educational Services Consulting Packages (see *Pricing Note) +

Designed for students in 8th grade and above, parents and students work with a consultant to construct the strongest possible strategic plan that truly reflects the student’s academic strengths, interests, and personality.

  • Choosing the right high school
  • High school curriculum, transcript analysis, and course selection
  • Learning style inventory and study skills
  • Time management skills
  • Short- and long-term academic planning
  • Pre-college extracurricular activities and planning for maximum academic impact
  • Vision board workshop

Our most popular package and the best value! The goal of comprehensive advising is to assist students with the following tasks:

  • Identify colleges that are the right fit;
  • Apply and gain admission to college; and
  • Secure financial aid

Students and parents will complete the Inner Visions International (IVI), Inc. Student Intake Form in advance of the sessions.

  1. Session 1: Student and parents meet with an IVI consultant for a 45-minute face-to-face interview. During this initial meeting, they review the high school transcript, academic plan, test scores, extracurricular activities, and community service/work activities. Goals for the student’s college experience and the family’s financial goals (related to need and merit aid) will be discussed, too.
  2. Session 2: Next, the student meets with the Inner Visions International consultant for a 60-minute session related to college preferences and possible major selection. After the session, the IVI consultant completes an initial list of 15 colleges that meet the agreed-upon criteria; the list is then emailed to the student before Session 3.
  3. Session 3: At the final session with the student and parents, we review the suggested college list. Based on feedback at the meeting, the college consultant may send a revised list to student and parents via email. Students will be provided with a list of research resources to assist in further narrowing the list and will then be responsible for completing the application process on their own and/or with their high school guidance counselor.

Students complete an evaluation of their pre-professional interests and skills. They discover resources to:

  • Understand the job market through job search databases/online videos/seminars and conferences
  • Learn how to network
  • Land temp work; volunteer positions
  • Consider majors for various career paths
  • Prepare for an informational interview
  • Decide on appropriate job shadows to seek out; and/or discover summer internships (paid and unpaid)
  • Make a plan about how to use academic and summer breaks productively

A one-week intensive seminar in which students fill out the Common Application, including the completion of a polished personal statement, resume, request letters to recommenders (such as previous employers and professors, mentors, etc.), and a practice admission interview.

Students will complete the IVI essay brainstorm sheet before meeting with an IVI consultant for a 60-minute session that will include a review of the brainstorm sheet, essay tips, and agreement on at least three topic possibilities for the Common Application personal statement. Electronic follow-up includes up to three revisions of the personal statement via email. Additional guidance on supplemental essays may be purchased separately at our hourly rates.

Complete your Common Application Essay Package with the support of a group of friends. The small group that you create meets in person with an IVI consultant for a two-hour brainstorm and planning session. Each participant may have an individual electronic follow-up that includes up to three revisions of the Personal Essay via email.

Want an expert opinion on your application? Students with a complete Common Application, including up to five supplements, will receive a line-by-line review and in-person suggestions for improvement. Package includes one 60-minute review session with the student, and written follow-up with improvement suggestions. Please note that the appropriateness of the college list will not be covered in this review session.

Receive advance guidance in preparing an academic resume, have a 30-minute practice interview session with feedback, learn storytelling techniques, prepare questions to ask your interviewer, craft improved responses and practice on your own, and return for a second 30-minute practice interview.

If you are contemplating transferring from one higher education institution to another, you are not alone. Approximately one-third of all US students transfer ever year. It is important to know what schools are looking for in a transfer applicant, and you need to know whether your credits will transfer.

Access to Inner Visions consultants on an as-needed basis. You set the agenda, so whether you need advice about which admissions plan to execute; how to incorporate a gap-year option; or want to know about the culture at a specific school (and the surrounding town and/or region), you can ask!

Consultants are available for resume development and revision, mock interviews, and more. The hourly consultation is an opportunity for better insight into your specific questions and concerns.

*Pricing Note: Clients can purchase services at an hourly rate or choose from our comprehensive consulting packages. Flexible payment and discounting opportunities are available.

Families who purchase consulting packages for more than one child will maximize their value through long-term support and a price discount.

Inner Visions International (IVI), Inc. cannot guarantee admission to a specific institution of higher learning, but we do promise to provide professional and comprehensive services to support students and early career professionals, and give them a comprehensive advantage.


Our Services for Individuals

  • Pre-College planning (8-12 grades)
  • Choosing the right high school
  • High school curriculum, transcript analysis, and course selection
  • Learning style inventory and study skills
  • Learning disabilities resources
  • Time management skills
  • Short- and long-term academic planning
  • Pre-college academic and athletic enrichment opportunities
  • Pre-college extracurricular activities and planning for maximum academic impact
  • Gap year, study abroad, and internship placement
  • Vision board workshop

  • Comprehensive application planning, review, and feedback
  • Individual assessment of strengths, talents, interests, and goals
  • Review of academic records
  • Planning for college placement exams
  • Personal essay development
  • Supplemental material development
  • Research and preparation for college interview (campus and/or alumni)
  • Funding opportunities: financial aid, grants, merit-based scholarships, and athletic scholarships
  • Resume construction and review
  • College tour planning
  • PSAT and SAT coaching
  • Timeline for completing all aspects of the college admissions process

  • Comprehensive application review and feedback
  • College/University Program selection, according to students’ interests and abilities
  • Interviewing techniques and ways to maximize campus visits
  • Mock interviews guidance
  • Social Media profile consultation
  • Financial aid, loans, scholarships, and fellowship opportunities
  • Transfer student advising
  • Study abroad, gap-year, and internship placement integration into academic course planning
  • Standardized testing (SAT, ACT, and TOEFL)

  • Understanding the financial aid process
  • The different stages of the undergraduate experience for: first-year students (freshmen), sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Identifying a major and/or a minor
  • Academic advising
  • Short- and long-term educational and professional planning
  • Study skills
  • Transfer advising
  • Mind, body, and spiritual guidance (Culture Shock: How to transition to college)
  • Global exploration (study abroad/service-learning and internship placement)
  • Appropriate correspondence with faculty and staff members, athletic coaches, and other officials
  • Dressing for success, on and off campus
  • Business etiquette
  • Early career exploration
  • Personal finance/budget skills
  • Vision board workshop

Personalized Consultation

  • High school curriculum, transcript analysis, and course selection
  • Learning style inventory and study skills
  • Learning disabilities resources
  • Time management skills
  • Short- and long-term academic planning
  • Campus visit guidance and interview preparation
  • College major and minor exploration
  • Career exploration
  • Deadline tracking and application critique
  • Financial aid overview and deadlines
  • Management of personal finance while in college
  • First-generation college student advising
  • International college student advising
  • Choosing the right advisor or mentor
  • Social media: Individual branding online, on paper, and in-person
  • Overview of the college/university structure
  • Navigating Campus Culture college/university campus
  • Other personalized academic support as needed
  • Vision board workshop

  • Comprehensive personalized timeline for early career objectives
  • Social media branding
  • Cover letter development and/or revisions
  • Resume construction and/or revisions
  • Mock interview exercise skills development
  • Short- and long- term career planning
  • Business etiquette and dress for successes
  • Internship and/or job placement search
  • Employment application assistance
  • Other personalized academic support as needed

  • High school curriculum, transcript analysis, and course selection
  • College overview visits and admission process
  • Financial aid process and deadlines
  • Financial aid strategies and affordability review (scholarship, loan options, and other financial support)
  • Learning style and disability resources
  • Overview standard test exams
  • Global college exploration (gap year, study abroad, service-learning, and internship placement)
  • Stages of the undergraduate experience for first-year students
  • (freshmen), sophomores, juniors, and seniors
  • Overview of the different academic units within a college/university
  • Major/minor course of study
  • Helping your son or daughter navigate campus culture